MRE meals provide efficient, practical, and economical solutions for serving emergency food. The polymeric tray and shelf stable MRE foods reduce food safety concerns and prep time. Taking into consideration food quality, expense, and storage requirements, meals, ready to eat (MRE) provide long lasting options to reduce overall cost and optimize consumer satisfaction.

Freeze dried foods provide:

* Extended shelf-life
* Effortless heating and cooking
* Convenient storage and disposal
* Easy open packages

MRE survival food manufacturing allows production of a variety of rations that address dietary, age, religious, and ethnic guidelines. Meal kits are packaged for easy accessibility and portability. Take them with you on the move, or store in separate locations, such as your office, vehicles, and home.

Meals, ready to eat are conveniently available in:

* Meal packs
* Military rations
* Private label foods
* Snack kits
* Self-heating packaging

Survival food such as MRE meals offer a cutting edge technology called high pressure processing or HPP. This innovate design features a non-thermal, pasteurization process that extends the shelf life of emergency meals and improves food for survival safety. This environmentally friendly freeze-dried food preparation maintains freshness and retains food quality.

Features of HPP Technology:

* Increases product shelf-life
* Maintains nutritional value
* Preserves product

With the invention of freeze-dried foods, it is now possible to pack nutritious camping and backpacking food such as:

* Juices
* Salsas
* Cooked, ready-to-eat meats
* Fruits and vegetables
* Seafood

MRE meals offer superior taste, allowing for preservation of natural flavor and aroma due to the cook in the pouch method. Simply heat and eat because the survival food is already fully cooked. The food is ensured safe by the HACCP. There is no reason to thaw before cooking like with frozen products. Easily opened pouches, without requiring a can opener or the added danger of sharp edges.