In 1988, AmeriQual began producing military MRE for the Defense Department. In 2004, the American company continued its military product line expansion with the additions of Long Range Patrol Rations/ Meal Cold Weather. A leader in innovative manufacturing, the manufacturer producing a variety of flexible survival food pouches. In 2006, sale of an emergency ration for non-military use was initiated, establishing itself at the forefront of ration packs production. Today, it continues to lead the market in technological advances and keeping consumer costs to a minimum.

In MREStar reviews, there are new varieties including Beef chili with 100% ground beef and spicy chilies in a tomato sauce. How about rich and creamy beef sausage seasoned gravy with tender beef over biscuits for breakfast or dinner on a camping trip? Wouldn’t Swedish Meatballs seasoned with garlic and onion hit the spot when the electricity unexpectedly goes out and you thought it was going to be a cold cereal night! The company is based in Hollywood, Florida so they know a thing or two about emergency preparedness. All of the MREs are made in the USA and the plants are USDA, as well as FDA approved. They are a certified supplier of emergency rations for the Department of Defense. They provide wide variety meal recipes and operate 24/7 in emergencies.

Private Label, the publication for store brand leaders reviewed Sopakco MRE meals, giving the franchise two thumbs up. The company has a long history of providing survival food for the military. In its review, the manufacturer was praised for such cuisine creations as fettuccine pasta Chicken Alfredo with a year shelf life! At a time when healthy ready meals choices are in high demand at the supermarkets, stock up on your own emergency food that needs no refrigeration. Its Sure-Pak meals have supplied first responders, hurricane victims, police, fire departments, and individuals preparing for and in the aftermath of disasters.

In a review of the Wornick Company, we direct your attention to their Emergency Preparedness Meal Kits. The EverSafe is a MRE meal solution that tastes great! You may have to stop your family from eating the meals at non-emergencies dinner times. The Red Cross urges citizens to stock at the very least, 72 hours worth of water and food supplies in case of crises. We cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared. With the convenience and shelf life of MRE meals, it makes perfect sense to keep ration packs on hand at all times.

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