Many people who have never served in the military have MRE meals to thank for providing them with much-needed nutrition during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. You may be wondering what exactly is in the meals, ready to eat. We decided to take the mystery out of the MRE foods by giving you a more in-depth look of the contents.

A sampling of an individual menu selection may include: French onion soup, savory biscuits, chicken pate, rice, fruit cup, orange drink powder, hot chocolate, candy, cookies, chewing gum, condiments, Tabasco sauce, and napkins.

The MRE survival food that is standard-issue to soldiers in Iraq now is available in Army ration packs for civilians. Besides military ration packs being sent to disaster victims, the food for survival can be taken along as camping food when backpacking in the wilderness.

The MRE meals were a long way from the gumbo, crayfish, and Cajun cuisine Louisiana is known for, but to those stranded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the military ration packs became a timely lifesaver. The high-calorie packs are generally issued for the military and contain enough food to last one person 24 hours.

Emergency meals offer All-American classics such as sloppy Joes, chili w/ beans, and beef stew as well as for the more adventurous palate, choices like spicy penne pasta and cheese tortellini. The doctor recommended daily consumption on average is 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 for women. Each military MRE contains up to 4,000 calories and was created to provide a burst of energy burst to young people involved in active duty.

Displaced victims of a catastrophe warmly welcome the ration packs. The calorie bulk of the ration packs are designed as emergency food to tide survivors over for a couple of days until help arrives. While sustenance is the highest priority in such desperate circumstances, MRE meals have underwent major renovations since the 1960s. To reflect the more palatable eating habits of today, some of the old freeze-dried dishes have been replaced with tastier alternatives.

Opening your MRE meals for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of food that had been outfitted into the plain brown box. Breakfast comes in the form of cheese omelets, sealed in a foil pouch, while lunch is chicken and herb pate served in a can along with crackers. There are plenty of snacks selections to keep up your strength including cookies and candy. Drinks include a powered hot chocolate and orange drink.

In designing the new ration packs, researchers found that familiar branded items helped make consumers feel more at ease, which is a significant morale boost to troops serving overseas and survivalists here at home. The extras such as candy and chewing gum are much appreciated during stressful times especially with helping to console frightened children. Act now in stocking up on emergency meals by clicking on the compare prices icon to the right to provide your family with MRE meals made to feel like home.

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